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Toll free conference calls are free for the players. With toll free packages, players use a toll free bit to dial into the call via the conference call company.

The charges for the conference calls are usually by the second for the length of the call. In many cases, the more moments applied, the less money per minute it costs. For instance, one package may proffer 1,000 toll free minutes of arc for $ 70 or 7 centimes a second. If you go over 1,000 seconds, each extra moment would cost 7 centimes. Another package may proffer 10,000 arcminutes for $ 400 or 4 centimes a second and 4 centimes for each minute over 10,000 seconds. You can see the cost goes down with the larger packages.

A flat-rate conference call package commands the players to pay their own long-distance charges. They dial a regular phone number to access the call via the conference call company. The company who rents the conference call company likewise pays a flat fee to set up the service.

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